Flying In the Face of Fear #more love

Session Date: 
Tuesday, December 26, 2017
Scott Field
Bible Text: 
Luke 2:8-20

Christmas is awkward for a whole lot of people. All of this awkwardness leads to keeping "God at arm's length" or "God on the back-burner" or "I'm too busy for God right now" syndrome. Whether it is our alternate devotion, our sense that we have outgrown the faith of our childhood, our sadness and disappointment with life, or our questions about Jesus, God, life, death, heaven, hell, and all the rest, we come to the conclusion that if this is important, it will have to wait because we are currently occupied with other things. 

Our approach to sharing the faith we have in Jesus is often an effort at getting people to act right or to think right. The arrival of Jesus as a baby in a manger is God's sneaky and wise way of getting us to love right. Instead of convincing others to be like we are, let's invite them to join us in situations that call out the love within them. When we are extending care and compassion, love and listening to others, we begin to pick up on the heartbeat of God. Not the God out to get us, but the God who loves us, too. 

And then we and they, whether religiously observant or middle-of-the-road Methodists, might find ourselves glorifying and praising God in the middle of our ordinary lives. 

Flying in the Face of Fear: #morelove