Faith For Stormy Times

Session Date: 
Sunday, June 24, 2018
Scott Field
Bible Text: 
Mark 4: 35-41

The choice to follow Jesus, to align our live with the Word of God, the Ways of God and the Mission of God, will always have us living in ways that are contrary to popular belief. However, the story of the ever-expanding impact of the gospel throughout the world and the day of God's righteous judgment on the horizon, is a clear indication of where the future is headed, contrary to popular opinion, and where, if we want to be on the so-called side of history, our loyalties are best invested for maximum future return.

Many Christians have a mild case of Christianity because of their wholly insufficient understanding of faith in the first place. We can observe three things about faith that will help us get over a mild case of Christianity and get us into a durable trust in Jesus.

  • Have Faith in God
  • Know that our faith grows stronger when it is challenged and tested. In the storms of life God can develop our Faith
  • Welcome the storms - they develop our faith

If Jesus Christ is in your boat, it will never sink, and the storm will not last forever.

Faith In Stormy Times