Next steps for 2018

Scott Field

The turning of the calendar from one year to the next is universally recognized as the time to move closer to being the person we want to be. Most of us know that the accomplishment rate for New Years’ Resolutions is pretty paltry, but the desire for change is strong in each of us. I’d like to close the gap between who I am and who I intend to be.

Some of us make bold resolutions – and keep them. Bravo! I wish I had a pint of whatever juice you have to keep at it in seeing through major changes to their completion. More of us – and I count myself among the “more” – seem to change incrementally. We go one step at a time. We have a LOT of choices about taking a next step. When I have too many choices I usually just avoid the choosing altogether.

As we get started in 2018, though, I recognize that there are some changes I’d like to see in me. Maybe you have a similar experience. It’s not that the “old me” is completely useless, but I get a little restless, a little discontent, to stay the way I’ve been, to contend with the same problems or challenges, to battle the same fears and anxieties, and to put off until next year what I could actually do something about now.

This sort of change might require stepping into something new, or stepping away from something old, or stepping over a challenge that has blocked me from fulfilling a dream, a desire, a calling, or a commitment. But the important thing, I think, is that it is just a step. I can handle that. Most of us can handle that.

This program guide highlights some possible “next steps” for your consideration in 2018. I hope you might find an opportunity here to move closer to becoming the person God intended for you to become on the day you were born.

Step by step…here we go into 2018!

Pastor Scott Field, Lead Pastor