1953 - Crystal Lake Methodist Church

October 16, 1953

These are interesting comments about concerns just prior to moving from the downtown church.

The best guess now is that construction will begin promptly in the spring, since our architects do not advise any masonry construction in the winter.

However, it looks as though it won’t be too long before our plans will be ready, with cost breakdown, for us to accept.  Then the specifications can be let out for bids.  Once we accept a bid, concrete plans can be made by all persons involved toward the actual beginning of construction.

A second feature we are all concerned about has to do with the finances.  We are happy to report that as a result of our Finance Campaign last May, we now have a total of $74,438.55 which has been pledged.  This is an increase of more than $2000 since the end of the campaign.

The payments on the pledges have been a most encouraging sign of support.  Cash has come in as follows:  During campaign in May - $7,671.35; June - $2,713.34; July - $1.350.86; August $3,325.75; and September - $2,143.55.  This makes a total of $17,207.35 which has been paid to date.

We trust that the funds will continue to come in at this very heartening rate.

Some folks have wondered why Ann Porter (or Bill Long) passed out the receipted payment folders on Sunday morning after church. By doing this over a 3-year period with the great number of accounts we have, several hundred dollars can be saved for the building effort.  We would rather put up with this ‘nuisance’ than subsidize the U.S. Post Office unnecessarily – although, of course, we have no particular grudge against the latter.

Since we have also received the proceeds of the sale of the parsonage property, we have on hand a substantial beginning for our total building fund.  In order to keep these funds from just laying around idle, the trustees are investing substantial amounts in short-term government securities, thus being able to pick up a little interest.

One problem of furnishings which has been debated at considerable length over the last couple of months is the organ. Agreement has been reached that we install a new pipe organ, which will use all the pipes from our present organ. The discussion has been necessary to ascertain the amount of room needed for the organ chambers, and to decide this question; we have been in consultation with the Wicks Organ Co. However, no contract has been entered into yet until the over-all financing of the church can be better calculated.

We encourage you to ask questions about these building matters of the persons who know.  Those most directly acquainted are George DeBeer, Chairman of the Executive Council, and Bob Proctor, Chairman of the Plans and Construction Committee.