Devoted to Christ
Everything we are and do is centered on Jesus Christ. We seek to share the life-giving news of God’s salvation by inviting others into a vital relationship with Jesus Christ. We want to help one another become well-acquainted with God’s Book, the Bible. We help one another develop a meaningful pattern of personal prayer. And we gather each week to offer our worship to God and the gift of loving faith community to one another.  Jesus Christ is the foundation and center of all we are and do.


Connected to Others
We believe that the Christian Way is intended to be lived within arms’ length of others who are on this spiritual path, too. First Church is committed to healthy relationships across the generations and among those who call this community of faith home. We have particular joy in helping marriages and families be and become Christ-centered, vibrant, and healthy.  The Christian Way is always a shared journey.


Sent To Serve
A signature characteristic of First Church is its irrepressible desire to serve others in Christ’s name.  We believe that salvation in Christ not only secures our eternity, but the relationship with Christ provides the lifelong purpose for each of us individually and all of us as a congregation. Like Jesus himself, we are here not to be served by others, but to serve others on his behalf (Mark 10:45).